MWV Supports 

Helping our community advocate for those struggling with Substance Use Disorder

What people are saying...

Hey Joey, I just wanted to tell you that you have no idea how much what you do at MWV has helped my family...I'm so glad that you were able to assist my dad in his recovery. It's been a lot of years since I have had my dad back and well; the guy he used to be before drugs and alcohol. And I thought I'd never see that again. I am just very grateful...Thank you for your part in that! I know that situation wasn't easy for you.


We honor ALL pathways to recovery

Mount Washington Valley Supports Recovery Coalition is a Non-Profit Recovery Community Organization. We are a recovery friendly workplace and have resources for anyone seeking a recovery path. MWV Supports Recovery was formed to assess the needs of the community, develop action plans to support, educate and empower our community and thus promote successful long-term recovery. 
Our focus is on celebrating the recovery movement and breaking down the stigma and discrimination by creating a unified voice for positive change. Trained recovery coaches walk side by side with individuals and their families assisting with needed resources and support, and we are working with every possible sector in this community to bring recovery support programs to the valley. We are here to support advocacy through a broader stage and make continued services available to those struggling with substance use disorder. 


Recovery is possible. Stigma can be erased through education. MWVSRC will “Echo” the sounds of recovery through the 

Mt. Washington Valley.


  • Provide support to individuals and families experiencing substance use disorder.

  • Educate the community on substance use disorder focusing on prevention, treatment, recovery, and relapse prevention

  • Collaborate with all community sectors on substance use disorder on prevention, treatment recovery and relapse prevention.

  • Support advocacy through education, training

  • Participate, advocate and lobby for recovery on a broader stage to regional, county, state and federal organizations