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Helping our community advocate for those struggling with Substance Use Disorder



“For years, there has been limited resources in our community for alcohol and substance addiction. I am a mother of a young man who struggled with substance use disorder all through his teens and twenties. I was driven by the lack of substantial referral and treatment services locally. Grass roots family organizations make things happen and being involved in such a group has allowed me to heal from family addiction and give back by sharing my experiences, strength, and stories of hope. MWVSRC is one of those groups and will be there for people to assist those riding the storms of addiction. We are family”

Janice is the founder and president of our grassroots organization. She is the mother of four and grandmother of two. During the early days of the opiate epidemic she began to raise alarms as a local pharmacist watching the volume of prescription opiates rise 100 percent in just a few short years. When the opiate epidemic hit her own home and our community’s children started to die from overdose she felt the need to act. Joining with like minded people she initiated groups and formed actions to bring attention to the opiate epidemic and the need for addiction services and supports for families and individuals seeking help here in the valley. Through her contacts with Memorial Hospital local, White Mountain Community Health Center, Carroll County  public health and state stakeholders, Janice, along with a few very dedicated friends and colleagues developed programs for the past several years for recovery and support. Janice continues to run our Board of Directors and is the owner manager of Valley Independent Pharmacy.

Contact Janice at: president@mwvsupportsrecovery.org


“For many years I did not know where to turn for help for my daughter who is struggling with Opioid addiction. I was told about MWVSRC and that was when my daughter and myself found the help we needed for healing and the journey to recovery began. The drug epidemic does not only affect the individual but also the families. MWVSRC has and will continue to help strengthen and bring hope to our community.”

Contact Rose at: director@mwvsupportsrecovery.org     


Patricia resides in Tamworth, NH. She has been a Licensed Nurses Assistant/Phlebotomist for 20yrs. Patricia has an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts and just recently earned her Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Management from Granite State College. She is also a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. She loves to work with the older/senior adult population and has a passion to assist them with all the updated/new resources as well as how to use a platform via "Telemedicine".  Patricia has worked in rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, hospitals, and private care and was also a supervisor for 4 years as a vocational rehab assistant.  

What she values the most in her career is getting the assistance/funding/care for our seniors in rural communities that cannot otherwise get the proper medical care and treatment they deserve, especially for the non-ambulatory/underserved/lack of transportation people.

Along with being a board member for MWVSRC, Patricia is on the Board of Directors for the White Mountain Community Health Center and Marketing Committee, and volunteers at both the Jen's Friends Cancer Foundation and The Relay 4 Life activities.

In her spare time she loves motorcycles, horseback riding, coin collecting, and is a huge cat lover.


“I search for serenity, as I witness family members struggle with substance use disorder. There are many roads to recovery and we continue to explore and expand our options for ourselves and the communities in which we live. Every step we take on the MWVSRC walk and throughout the year continues to break down the barriers imposed by stigma. Substance Use Disorder is a treatable brain disease. Research shows wrap-around services lift people up and get them to the other side of the trauma-based disease. Science is the solution. Communities that support recovery not only heal, but thrive. I have witnessed some of the most empowered people in the world of recovery.”