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Meet our Board of Directors

Janice Spinney


“For years there have been limited resources in our community for alcoholism and substance addiction. I am a mother of a young man who struggled with substance use disorder all through his teens and twenties. I was driven by the lack of substantial referral and treatment services locally. Grass roots family organizations make things happen and being involved in such a group has allowed me to heal from family addiction and give back by sharing my experiences, strength, and stories of hope. MWV-SRC is one of those groups and will be there for people to assist those riding the storms of addiction. We are family”

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Rosemary Normandin

Director of Programs

“For many years I didn’t know where to turn for help for my daughter who was struggling with Opioid addiction. I was told about MWVSR and that was when my daughter and myself found the help we needed for healing and the journey to recovery began. The drug epidemic does not only affect the individual but the families. MWVSR has and will continue to help strengthen and bring hope to our community”

Michelle Ward

Vice President, Acting Secretary

“The impact of substance use disorders (SUDs) on the family and individual family member’s in our community requires attention. Each family and each family member is uniquely affected by the individual using substances including, but not limited to, impaired attachment, economic hardship, legal problems, emotional distress, and sometimes violence being perpetrated against him or her.  Families need to know it is NOT THEIR FAULT. It’s a disorder. You didn’t cause it. You can’t make it stop. You need and deserve help and MWVSR is the venue to get that message out. Providing resources, support and empathy to families affected is my passion and my mission through MWVSR”

Nichole Stanley

Nurse Practitioner

"I believe most people these days have been affected by the opioid epidemic. I believe it impacts not only the individual, but the family and friends of the individual as well. Substance use disorder is a disease that is stigmatized and not well accepted by many people. It has been my goal to educated people and treat individuals with substance use disorder. Although there has been an increase in awareness regarding the opioid crisis, there continues to be a lack of resources and support services and I am committed to helping improve remission rates as well as reduce the likelihood of overdose deaths."

Robin Hain


“I search for serenity, as I witness family members struggle with substance use disorder. There are many roads to recovery and we continue to explore and expand our options for ourselves and the communities in which we live. Every step we take on the MWVSR walk and throughout the year continues to break down the barriers imposed by stigma. Substance Use Disorder is a treatable brain disease. Research shows wrap around services lift people up and get them to the other side of the trauma-based disease. Science is the solution. Communities that support recovery not only heal, but thrive. I have witnessed some of the most empowered people in the world of recovery.”