MWV Supports 

Helping our community advocate for those struggling with Substance Use Disorder

Rose Normandin, CRSW
Director of Programs

Rose is originally from South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Along with being a Board Member she serves as the Director of Programs for MWV Supports Recovery. Rose Manages MWVSRC and the Endeavor House and inputs all financials. She serves as management for the tenants and staff. She represents MWVSRC when attending meetings for the town/county/state. Rose oversees the organization's requirements for Recovery Coach training, the peer support programs, and Outreach. 

Rose came to MWVSRC looking for help for a close family member who was struggling with addiction. She attended NA and learned she needed to be a part of the family group meetings. She also attended F.A.S.T.E.R. Family support group and wanted to eventually run her own support group so Rose completed her Recovery Coach training and became certified so she could continue on to this career path choice to help others in need. Once Rose finished all requirements to become a certified Recovery Coach, she started working towards and completed her most recent certification to become a CRSW (Certified Recovery Support Worker). 

Her mission is to always support people suffering from SUD. To have a voice for the ones battling this disease and to teach. And to guide society on the understanding and acceptance of Substance Use Disorder. 

Rose is a busy wife, mother, grandmother and sister. A family oriented, artistic woman who loves adventures and finding peace within the outdoors.