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Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak and the safety of our community, we have decided to continue with temporarily closing the center until further notice. We will still be providing services to our community telephonically. Outreach services are available on a case by case basis.
SMART Recovery support meetings have resumed and are taking place outside behind MWVSRC on Thursday nights at 6 pm. Please still take advantage of the online support available to you.
Please call 603-662-0668 and ask for Rose if you have any questions.
Thank you so much for your understanding.

(There will be no Social Paint Night in the month of June)

Mount Washington Valley Supports Recovery Coalition is a Non-Profit Peer Recovery Resource Organization. We have resources for anyone seeking a recovery path. Trained recovery coaches are ready to engage individuals and their families with substance use disorder, and we are working with almost every sector in this community to bring recovery support programs to the valley. Please drop in anytime. We are here, helping those who suffer with substance use disorder and support advocacy through education and training.

What is Harm Reduction?

It is a Social Movement; built on the belief in, and respect for, the rights of people who use drugs. It is a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with drug use. 

Harm Reduction incorporates a spectrum of strategies from safer use, to managed use, to abstinence to meet drug users “where they’re at”, addressing conditions of use along with the use itself. Because harm reduction demands that interventions and policies designated to serve drug users reflect specific individual and community needs, there is no universal definition of or formula for implementing harm reduction. It is simply an idea of helping to diminish the harmful effects of substance abuse. 

Here are some of the facts: There are an estimated 350,000 regular injection drug users in America - all at increased risk of contracting and spreading fatal blood-borne disease. And, approximately 950,000 U.S. residents are living with HIV/AIDS. Injection drug users are also at serious risk of contracting Hep B and Hep C. Hepatitis B infects between 140,000 and 320,000 people every year and kills between 5,000 to 6,000 people in the U.S. Hepatitis C infects about 36,000 people in the U.S. every year, killing 8,000 to 10,000 of those infected. Injection drug users who are afraid of being arrested while carrying drug paraphernalia are 1.74 times more likely to share syringes, and 2.08 times more likely to share injection supplies than other users. 

There are always going to be people unwilling to seek treatment or unable to seek treatment but being aware of resources that can help minimize harm is a preventable measure. 

There will always be a critic, viewing harm reduction programs as encouraging drug use and keeping people addicted. But It is our responsibility as a society to promote public safety. 

Do you need clean syringes?

We have answers. Call or stop in to see us. 

MWV Supports Recovery Coalition

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With the support of Carroll County Peer Recovery Support Services (CCPRSS), MWV Supports Recovery and The Shed and The Shed North have teamed up to create an Emergency Response Team. Trained peer recovery coaches will be available to assist with needed resources and support in emergency room visits at Memorial Hospital of individuals and families experiencing substance use disorders. This is a recognized critical time of need within the recovery community where all paths of recovery can be promoted and early intervention is necessary.

Learn more about our All Female Transitional Housing Program, 

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