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Who We Are & What We Do

MWV Supports Recovery is a Non-Profit RCO; a Recovery Community Organization. We are a recovery friendly workplace and have resources for anyone seeking a recovery path from substance use. MWV Supports Recovery assesses the needs of the community, develops action plans to support, educate and empower our community and thus promote successful long-term recovery. Trained recovery coaches walk side by side with individuals and their families assisting with needed resources and support, and we are working with every possible sector in this community to bring recovery support programs to the valley. We are here to support advocacy through a broader stage and make continued services available to those struggling with substance use disorder in the Mount Washington Valley and surrounding areas.


Our mission is to empower individuals who are struggling with addiction by providing support, resources, and education to help them achieve and maintain recovery, focusing on treatment, recovery and relapse prevention. We believe in creating a safe and welcoming environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

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MWVSRC will "Echo" the sounds of Recovery through the Mount Washington Valley. Our vision is to build a community where recovery is celebrated and supported, and where all individuals are treated with compassion and understanding. We strive to break down the stigma and discrimination surrounding addiction and mental health through education and to create a culture of acceptance and hope. Recovery is possible.

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Staff Credo: We believe that each one of us is a resource to one another. We believe that our first duty is to listen. We believe that our second duty is to understand how we can support recoverees and guests develop and/or achieve recovery-related goals. Our third duty is to model an open minded exploration of multiple paths to recovery and an authentic commitment to wellness. Our fourth duty is to provide recoverees and guests with unbiased and accurate information about resources, honor their choices, and support their access (i.e. behavioral health, medical, education, etc)  The member driven governance of MWVSRC will always be insured by our strong commitment to maintaining the highest possible degree of transparency.


Our services must be flexible and responsive to maximize the options and support the choices of the people we serve.


We strive to assure direct, inclusive and meaningful involvement of people in recovery and their allies in the planning, design, priorities, and deployment of MWVSRC services and resources.


Our services must honor autonomy and self determination as we support individuals to build their own unique pathways to recovery.


All MWVSRC services and communications should affirm dignity and demonstrate respect for all persons.


Protection of the physical and emotional well-being of MWVSRC staff, volunteers, and recipients of MWVSRC peer recovery services is reflected in each of our policies, protocols, and practices.

We Are Hiring! 

MWV Supports Recovery is seeking a Full-time/Part-time Certified Recovery Coach to join our team! You would work on location at our center in Center Conway. Hours would be 9 am to 5 pm. Responsibilities would include meeting with clients on a regular basis as necessary for individual needs. As you adhere to HIPAA guidelines, you will conduct intake interviews and document progress. You will work progressively on wellness plans and other client goals. You will be responsible for maintaining all records and files as directed by MWVSRC and adapt to changing coaching tools and data collective practices. In this position, you will maintain current knowledge of all available resources and recovery paths and make every effort to contribute to the growing collection of knowledge and resources at MWVSRC. As a Certified Recovery Coach you are providing peer support, personal assistance, education on community resources, and other supportive services for individuals with a Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

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