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Telephone Recovery Support

A Peer to Peer Support Service

Are you not able to come to the center due to not having transportation? You can follow the same steps as if you were physically at the center. MWV Supports Recovery provides Telephone Recovery Support (TRS). This is a free service that provides weekly peer to peer telephone calls.  
Recoverees are offered support; encouragement and information about community resources, all recovery, 12-step meetings or other supports that may help them maintain their recovery.   
This service is here to offer weekly telephone calls to people in recovery. Volunteers call to “check in” and and ask people how they’re doing, and get them back on track if a setback occurs. When someone tells us they are struggling or have had a setback, we may be one of their only supports due to 
transportation, location, or home situations. 

Phone calls can be made on a weekly basis between the hours of 
9 AM to 5 PM,  Monday through Friday. 
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